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My name is Lu D Huang, I am a Chinese American artist in New York. ​I have always been bold, playful, and creative growing up. My father used to say that my behavior is like “遊戲人間" which means that “everything is a game”.

I actually didn’t realize I was an artist until my father gave me the Traditional Chinese Painting bible, to me, that felt like he anointed me as an artist. This is who I am and who I always will be.​​


My work consists of large to medium size pieces of acrylic on canvas, a combination that bodies well with my spontaneous and playful personality. Each collection reflects an influx of my internal dialog of that period, they speak on my impressions and philosophies of the world and within myself.


I paint because my experiences and emotions are complex and cannot be expressed through my words, painting is a method of non-verbal communication that feels the truest to me.

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